Ecogen-CFE Applications

EcoMobil LLC a US based company with operations in India has embarked on a journey to establish an after-market for revolutionary renewable power generating systems called 'EcoGen-CFE Catalytic Fuel Enhancer'. The patent pending CFE system is powered by a proprietary formulated solution design including an integrated electrolyzer with failsafe electronic and software controls that generates 'hydrogen-oxygen' on demand to improve the fuel efficiency and reduce harmful hydrocarbon emissions of an internal combustion (IC) engine without the need for modification of any engine type.

EcoGen-CFE platform has a wide range of applications for primarily reducing fossil fuel dependency. Some of these include :

  • Internal Combustion (IC) Engine (Mobile): EcoGen-CFE are already installed on vehicles (buses, trucks, school buses and tractor-trailers) that are operational with fleet operators / government agencies / utility companies have high furl requirements. The extension of EcoGen has already been designed and tested with 2-wheelers (scooters and motorbikes). We believe that in the coming years we can develop an engine for 2-wheelers that can be powered completely by the EcoGen platform.
  • Stationary Generators: EcoGen-CFE has been successfully tested on generators (power generators) which in many developing countries are the only source of constant power for all kinds of operations. In these countries cost/kwh is more than twice that of grid power. These generators consume a lot of diesel, causes environmental pollution and has a high maintenance cost to keep the generator in optimum working conditions. Hence we believe that EcoGen-CFE integration is the best option to overcome all the above mentioned problems.
  • Off-peak storage for Wind Mills / Solar: EcoGen-CFE has a unique leverage for off-peak power storage of wind mills and solar power generation units, as these have to dump excess power generated during off-peak times. EcoGen-CFE has the capability of converting the energy to 'hydrogen' that can be stored without much complication and then be used to power a hydrogen-engine which is being developed by us with our partners in the US; this engine acts like a stationary generator except that it is powered by hydrogen. This in turn can be supplied to the distribution grid during peak times and the cost of power can be reduced. Therefore there is an increased efficiency of the windmill and solar power generators.
  • Sheet Metal Work: Sheet metal work is done by gas cutting for which the expensive propane / natural gas tanks are used; gas cutting is time consuming and labor expensive. EcoGen-CFE provides an alternative method by supplying pure hydrogen for the sheet metal work. EcoGen-CFE's patent pending technology can be applied to utilize the gas cutting devices powered by 'hydrogen' that provides a cheap alternative for sheet metal work with an increased accuracy which is normally higher than the laser cutting technology.
  • Next Generation 'Fuel Cell': EcoGen-CFE is uniquely positioned to be the platform for the next generation 'fuel cell'. This will be integrated with our Electric Vehicle 'platform' which EcoMobil has developed internally. The market's adoption of 'Electric Vehicle' today is a plug-in charger for the battery power that determines the duty cycle (number of miles on a single charge). EcoMobil's EV Platform is designed independent of battery pack and is being designed for the next generation integration of EcoGen-CFE which recharges the batteries onboard the fleet operators' such as mini-bus, truck, etc. EcoGen-CFE's 'power solution' will generate the necessary hydrogen to power the vehicle while charging the batteries that will provide the power to the fuel cell.
  • Power Generation for Small Villages: Similar to the application in off-peak storage for grid supply of power, EcoGen can be extended for power generation in small villages; this eliminates the complications of handling and storage.
  • Waste-to-Energy (WTE) 'Oxidizer': EcoGen platform can be integrated with gasification process for WTE technologies. This integration has several benefits from increasing the 'synthesizer gas' output to improving its chemical properties. Further the oxidizer is a low cost add-on to the gasifier system which improves the synthesizer gas supply for the gas turbine thereby resulting in increased power output (MW/hr). If the business model for the WTE technology implementation is to supply methane from the process, EcoGen platform integration will provide a better yield of methane (over 90%) and generate a revenue stream for methane supply. The same technology integration can be applied for 'plasma' gasification process.