HSE Policy

SI Global has a fool proof HSE policy to ensure the occupational health and safety of its work force, and it also represents our commitment towards environmental protection. The practices in place aim at eliminating any kind of accidents and injuries at the work place.

The HSE policy of the company is mainly based on the following primary workplace requirements.

  • Set safety provisions which meet all the regulatory and legal requirements
  • Personal Protection Equipment (PEE) for employees during specific tasks
  • Regular safety training to all personnel
  • In-house safe work practices
  • Encouragement of team safety consciousness.

Some of the objectives which are focused on through our HSE policy are given below:

  • Zero lost time due to injury
  • Zero occupational illness
  • Zero near miss/dangerous occurrence
  • Zero lost time due to injury reporting
  • Zero liabilities by local authorities due to non-compliance of requirements of HSE regulations, both at SI Global premises and customer work sites.

All the set requirements are enforced and met by monitoring at regular intervals. Every employee is made aware of the HSE policy and objectives through meetings and memos to ensure that safety and health is maintained at all times.