Infrastructure & Resources (SI Global & PCIE)

SI Global has taken every effort to provide adequate infrastructure, resources and expertise is provided company-wide to ensure that every project is executed smoothly. We realize the importance of strong engineering and execution teams; over the years we have built a very competent work force for design, engineering and for site work execution.

We have a separate setup for the Engineering Office and for the Shop Floor. The Engineering Office infrastructure includes a 6000 Sq. Ft office area which is designed to include a meeting room for 10 people, 40 workstations, and documentation storage/archives. To overcome problems of power outages we have a back-up power facility through the 40KVA DG and a 20 KVA UPS. Hosted Email and File servers with networking, 1mbps two broadband connections, office telephone exchange are some of the few resources which are provided at the Engineering Office.

SI Global and PCIE have a well-organized infrastructure for Assembly, Staging, and Packing. With about 50,000 Sq. Ft shop floor space it can accommodate 500 cabinets at a single time, though the total turnaround is 300 cabinets per month. For the convenience of moving there is a 3 ton hydraulic lift to the first floor and it also has a 40KVA DG back-up power.

The shop floor is mainly used for assembly, wiring, and testing; it is also used for sea-worthy, air-worthy and road-worthy packing. To this end the shop floor is provided with high quality tools. Some of the tools include DIN Rail Cutter, PVC Duct Cutter, Jig Saw Cutters, Wiring Tools including crimping and strippers, Multimeters, Electric Drill Machines, TB Marker Printing System, Meggers/HV test kit, Bus-Bar Bending machine, DCS boards testing Jigs, Ferrule Printing Machine, and Signal Sources.

We have a group of dedicated, experienced, and talented professionals who work towards providing the best possible products and services. We together with PCIE have employed about 385 people. The selection process involves rigorous round of interviews. The below table gives an overview of number of personnel involved in each division.

SL No. Category No. of Employees
1 Sales 8
2 Project Manager 8
3 Engineering 30
4 Production 197
5 General Management 25
6 Installation 105
7 Quality 8
8 Logistics 4