Human Resources

SI global believes that a professional and favorable environment increases productivity and quality of work. It is also important for every employee to be satisfied with the working conditions and hence the company has taken steps to ensure this objective. Our Human resource Development team is actively involved in building a healthy and competitive work-environment which encourages team work and growth of each individual. They are also responsible for enabling fair and trustworthy transactions with the customers and supplier.

The Human resource development Team works towards set objectives which include,

  • Promoting accepted /acceptable behaviors in the work force
  • Setting high work ethics standards
  • Promoting self evaluation of each individual through the provided benchmarks
  • Establishment of an effective framework which ensures professional behavior and encourages responsible work ethics.

SI global has deeply rooted principles and a strict ethical code, which is upheld in all transactions and in the work place. These principles have assured us a comfortable and highly productive environment which has helped us in achieving customer and supplier satisfaction. The principles based on which our company runs include:

  • Fair dealings
  • Open communication to encourage transparency
  • Respect of inherent dignity of every individual
  • To make informed decisions
  • Awareness of the consequences of one's actions
  • Complete team work and individual responsibility to uphold the principle of the company.

The values that are expected from each person of the organization include:

  • Maintaining work place decorum
  • Advancing the honor and dignity of professionalism
  • Absolute loyalty towards the company
  • Honesty, hard work, and impartial behavior
  • High competence in work
  • Ethical conduct.

SI global ensures that a platform of respect and trust is established for the employees, suppliers and customers. This has helped us to enable both employee satisfaction and customer retention leading to the success of our enterprise.